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Aug 28, 2020 The "Ocean Park Conservation Alliance" is now open for registration!

Two online briefing sessions will be held to introduce the details of the alliance with Q&A session. Activities will be conducted via online platform. 
Briefing session
Timeslot (1)
Date: 26 Sept, 2020 (Sat)
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Timeslot (2)
Date: 10 Oct, 2020 (Sat)
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
*only need to attend one session

"Ocean Park Conservation Alliance" Kick-off Ceremony will be held on 13 Oct. We would like to invite all alliance members to witness the establishment of the "Ocean Park Conservation Alliance". Expert talks on Golden Birdwing, Green Turtle and Acropora Coral will be given in the ceremony.
"Ocean Park Conservation Alliance" Kick-off Ceremony
Date: 13 Oct, 2020 (Tue)
Time: 03:00pm - 04:45pm
Venue: Ocean Park

If you are interested, please click on the link below to apply and join the alliance.
Briefing session and Kick-off ceremony application form

“Ocean Park Conservation Alliance” Activity Details

Through participating in the activities of “Ocean Park Conservation Alliance”, students will gain a deeper understanding and valuable experience on conservation work regarding Hong Kong’s biodiversity conservation. The activities will cultivate students’ interest in conservation and inspire them to participate in front-line conservation work. “Ocean Park Conservation Alliance” is hereby established and all secondary schools in Hong Kong are warmly invited to participate. Participating schools will have the opportunities to join exclusive conservation activities and seminars organised by Ocean Park. Through insightful teaching and sharing from professionals, students will engage in Hong Kong’s front-line conservation work and hence contribute to local conservation efforts.

● Participate in conservation work firsthand
● Raise students’ awareness of Hong Kong’s ecological conservation
● Teaching and sharing from experts regarding Hong Kong’s ecology and conservation
Programme fee
Free of charge


Date Content
26 September 2020 & 
10 October 2020
“Ocean Park Conservation Alliance” Briefing Session
13 October 2020 “Ocean Park Conservation Alliance” Inauguration Ceremony
November - December 2020 Conservation Workshops & Seminars
January - April 2021 Monthly Progress Follow-up for Each School
April 2021 Showcasing Results at Conservation Carnival

Application Details
Online application will start on 1 September 2020.

“Ocean Park Conservation Alliance” application form
*In order to appreciate your contribution on this activity, we would like to display your school logo on our event website. Please upload the image in adobe illustrator or photoshop format.


Each secondary school can choose one of the following themes:

  • Golden Birdwing: Plant nectar plants and build butterfly garden in school
  • Green Turtle: Grow vegetables for injured green turtles recovering at Ocean Park and feed them firsthand after harvesting
  • Acropora Coral: Integrate coral census data to build an artificial intelligence (AI) coral identification system and improve its accuracy

Visit the activity webpage for details:

Butterfly friendly garden

Golden birdwing is the largest among the 250 species of butterflies in Hong Kong. It looks like a small bird with black and yellow accented wings. Their eye-catching appearance has made them vulnerable to poaching. Therefore, golden birdwing and other common birdwings are protected by international treaty and laws of Hong Kong. The capturing, trading, importing and exporting of specimens are prohibited. The host plant of its larvae, India birthwort, is also protected under Forestry Regulations to ensure the sustainability of golden birdwing. Similar to many butterflies, the distribution of golden birdwing is highly restricted by the distribution of plants. However, it can still be found in urban parks with lots of nectar plants.

This activity allows students to participate in butterfly conservation seminars, nectar plant planting workshops, Hong Kong butterfly eco-tours and planting nectar plants in school to enhance its greening and biodiversity. Throughout the activity, students need to observe and record the growth of plants continuously and share interesting findings with their fellow students in school, encouraging others to pay more attention to the flora and fauna around them. Finally, students will be invited to share their experience of building a butterfly-friendly environment, and jointly build Ocean Park’s butterfly garden in order to provide nectar sources for golden birdwing and other insects around the park.

● Experience nectar plant planting and record plant growth
● Record plant growth scientifically and learn about butterfly’s behaviours
● Build Ocean Park’s butterfly garden together


Date Content
7 November 2020 Butterfly Conservation Seminar
20 December 2020 Planting Workshop
December 2020 – March 2021 On-campus Planting, Regular Report on Plant Growth & Observation Record
April 2021 Planting their nectar plant in Ocean Park and experience eco-tour in Ocean Park butterfly garden

Green Turtle husbandry


Green turtle is one of the seven species of sea turtles in the world and it is the only species that has recorded breeding in Hong Kong. However, it is not easy for green turtles to survive in Hong Kong waters. From time to time, green turtles are found to be entangled in fishing nets, ingesting marine debris by mistake and being struck by propellers. Ocean Park has been collaborating closely with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to rescue injured green turtles. After being treated and cared for the professional veterinary team at Ocean Park, the green turtles would be released back to the ocean after recovery.
Visit [Green Turtle (B1)] webpage to learn more

This activity allows students to participate in the care of green turtles, learn about endangered green turtles and conservation work in Hong Kong through expert seminars. Students will grow vegetables that green turtles eat in the park. They also have the opportunity to visit the back-of-house area of Ocean Park to feed them in the recovery centre and gain a deeper understanding of their health conditions and the reasons for their injuries.

● Visit green turtle recovery centre
● Expert talk on green turtle ecological knowledge
● Grow vegetables and feed green turtle recovering in Ocean Park
● Observe and report the growth of vegetables online and organise a school sharing


Date Content
18 November 2020 Green Turtle Conservation Seminar
19 December 2020 Vegetable Planting Workshop
December 2020 – March 2021 On-campus Planting, Regular Report of Vegetable Growth & Observation Record
April 2021 Providing the vegetable to Ocean Park for feeding and visit Ocean Park green turtle husbandry area

Artificial intelligence and coral restoration

Coral plays an important ecological role in Hong Kong’s ocean. Not only do they enrich the colour of the ocean, but also provide food and refuge for marine life and enrich Hong Kong’s biodiversity. Meanwhile, coral acts as indicator species. Through regular monitoring of coral coverage, species diversity and coral health, the quality of Hong Kong’s marine environment can be investigated.

This activity allows students to implement artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help researchers integrate coral census data. Through coral conservation seminar, ecological survey and workshops on AI object identification and recognition, students will help establish a Hong Kong coral AI identification system, thereby enriching their knowledge of coral diversity and contributing to marine conservation firsthand.
  • Coral ecology field trip and learn classification of coral species
  • Expert talk on Hong Kong coral species
  • Participate in the building of preliminary artificial intelligence system and integrate coral census data


Date Content
14 November 2020 Coral Conservation Seminar
21 & 22 November 2020 Artificial Intelligence Experiential Workshop
November 2020 – February 2021 Consolidation of Coral Census Data
12 & 13 December 2020 Coral Field Trip
April 2021 Testing the Artificial Intelligence

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