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2019-20 "Whiskers & Friends" Reading Carnivals

Programme Details

Partner with us to nurture students’ interest in reading and to promote environmental conservation!
We are now inviting primary schools to co-organise this programme.


Monday to Friday (except public holidays)


Full day, a total of 3 to 4 sessions each of 60 to 75 minutes duration (Can be adjusted for individual schools)


School hall (For storytelling sessions)
Covered playground (For game booths)


Students of primary school co-organiser and kindergartens within the same district


A minimum of 1,000 students


Free of charge (Ocean Park will also arrange coaches to transport participating kindergarten students and teachers to programme venue without charge)

Role of School Co-organiser

1. Provide venue and equipment as required
2. Invite kindergartens within the same distric
3. Arrange helpers for hosting game booths and receiving participants


For each session:
1. Storytelling – stories narrated by Ocean Park’s Education Ambassador;interaction with Ocean Park mascots
2. Game booths – learning fun facts about animals and conservation

School co-organiser and participating kindergartens will each receive the “Whiskers & Friends” Kindergarten Education Kit. Each student participant will receive a “Whiskers & Friends: Journey to the Jungle of Giants” storybook and a souvenir.

*Programme details subject to change without further notice. Ocean Park reserves the right to make final decisions on the programme and related activities.

Application Procedure



What is the programme about?


There are two parts in this programme. Part one is storytelling which includes stories on conservation and interaction with mascots. Part two involves game booths which are about animals and green lifestyle inspired by the “Whiskers & Friends” Kindergarten Education Kit. You may visit the following link for more details:


What is the role of the school co-organiser?


1. To provide venue and equipment as required, e.g. computers, A/V and sound system, venue decoration, performers’ changing room
2. To coordinate with participating kindergartens both before and during the programme
3. To arrange helpers such as parent volunteers and senior student helpers to help host game booths on programme day


How much time may students spend at the programme?


This is preferably a full-day programme conducted in 3 to 4 sessions, each of 60 to 75 minutes duration (excluding the travelling time needed by kindergarten students and teachers). Each student will take part in one of the sessions.


Are the activities suited for both primary and kindergarten students?


Students take part in the programme in groups according to their grade. Our Education Ambassador will select stories well suited to the level of the students. Game booth helpers can also adjust the activities according to the abilities of the students.


How will the students be arranged into groups?


We will discuss with school co-organisers about the programme details to draw up a rundown. Please refer to our sample rundown.


Can parents join the programme too?


The programme is designed for primary and kindergarten students only and they should be led by their teachers. Parents may help in taking care of the children. However, we request a parent to student ratio of not more than 1:10 so that there is ample space for student activity.


Is there a limit on programme capacity?


The target number of participants is between 1,000 to 1,500 students from the co-organising primary school and participating kindergartens from the same district.


Will there be any changes in the programme if the student number is below target?


We may adjust the arrangements for mascots and game booths depending on the number of participants.


Is it possible to change our application information after submission?


Schools can only submit their application online once. Should changes be necessary, please email the relevant change, school name and reference number of application to opahk-news@oceanpark.com.hk.


Discovery & Education Department, Ocean Park Hong Kong


(+852) 3923 2323
Once you have called the Hotline and selected the language, please press [4] to contact the Discovery & Education Department.


(+852) 2518 8665



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