2019-20 "Whiskers & Friends" Kindergarten Education Kit

Kindergartens of Hong Kong may request our printed education kit free of charge.
Inside the kit are: large storybooks, small storybooks and a CD with teaching plans and worksheets.

Large Storybooks
(each kindergarten may request a maximum of two sets for teaching purposes)

Size: 345 mm (W) x 495 mm (H)

Whiskers & Friends: Deep Sea Adventure

Whiskers and Friends set out on a journey to find the Coral Maze and met many amazing sea creatures. A strong wind took everyone by surprise. The gang wondered if there is a solution to the problem of marine debris.

Whiskers & Friends: Polar Sports Challenge

Whiskers and Friends joined their animal friends in competing in the Polar Sports Challenge. The venue suddenly collapsed because of climate change. Whiskers decided to spread the message of conserving energy to save our Earth.

Whiskers & Friends: Where Has the Water Gone?

People in Redd’s village had changed the course of the river nearby, not knowing that this would affect animals in the forest. Whiskers and Friends helped the villagers to redirect the river and learn how to better use water resources.


Small Storybook
(each kindergarten may request enough copies for all students for parent-child reading activity)

Size: 148 mm (W) x 210 mm (H)

Whiskers & Friends: Journey to the Jungle of Giants

Whiskers and Friends followed the ants and wandered into the Jungle of Giants. This fantastic adventure helped them rediscover the animals and plants around. They also learned to respect and protect nature.

*Copies are limited and given out on first-come-first-serve basis.

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